• B.C. Game – Crypto Casino

    Today I thought I would tell you about my favorite online casino, it’s called B.C. Game and it’s a little different than most online casinos. You don’t actually have to spend any money to play because every day you can claim a check-in bonus, and you also get a daily bonus if your JB credits go below 10, you just have to claim them.

    Another thing is the chat panel, it gives you more of the “live” feeling you get from being in a real casino because you can chat with other players and it’s reassuring to know there are active administrators on the site who you can speak with if anything should go wrong.

    They have all the classic games like Blackjack, Roulette, Dice, Video Poker, Plinko, Spin the Wheel and Slots. They also have a new game called “Crash” which is a sort of gaming version of “Margin Trading” on the stock market.

    Another thing they offer which other online casinos don’t is the affiliate program which lets you invite your friends and you will earn a commission off of their spending.

    Play Now

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    Hard up for cash?

    My personal routine is to go to Survey Time and complete a few surveys, then I cash my earnings out to Coinbase which lets me get paid in bitcoin. When my reward is deposited I go into Coinbase and trade my bitcoin for bitcoin cash which I can then deposit into my B.C. Game bitcoin cash wallet for a much lower fee than if I sent bitcoin to my wallet.

    Next I go to B.C. Game where I try and turn those few dollars I earned on Survey Time into a much larger amount. The minimum to cash out is about 40 bucks but it isn’t hard to do on the provably fair games once you get the hang of it…

  • Cloud Mining (For FREE!)

    I need to mention that these have not all been fully checked out by me yet and I can not say for certain that any of these would be a safe investment, however, they don’t have to cost you a dime because they include other options, but if you do invest money in them please use your best judgement. I do my best to only promote quality sites, but these need to be checked out by everyone and the sooner you sign up the sooner you will be able to cash out your earnings which is when you will know if you should invest or reinvest.

    Free Starter Packs & Bonuses

    Auto Mining

    • IndigoCoin – Get a FREE bonus from 1 Gh/s to 25 Gh/s every hour (Mines Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin & Monero)
    • Dual Mine – One of the most reputable multi-mining services. This is the only one I would recommend for new investors not just looking for a free miner. Get 100GHZ free when you sign up.
    • Mizes – Multi-miner
    • Mining Center LTD – Multi-miner
    • HashMax – Only mines bitcoin – has a fast free auto miner but minimum cash out is 0.015 btc
    • Virtual Mining Farm – Bitcoin Mining + Staking / 100GHZ free on signup
    • Litecoin Miner – Litecoin Miner
    • Mining Cloud – Free GHS Bonus every 4 hours

    Manual Claim

    • Cloud Miner – The free miner is more like a faucet, but it’s a high paying faucet. You have to purchase a plan to auto-mine.

    Affiliate Rewards Only

    I included these because they have affiliate programs which would allow you to earn for no investment as long as you can get referrals. They seem legitimate and for the most part reputable.

  • Get a piece of the Pi

    Pi is a new digital currency that you can mine (earn passively) FOR FREE with your smartphone. There is absolutely NO investment to make, it’s not even an option to invest. You just install the app and check in once a day to turn it on for 24 hours.

    Now is the perfect time to start because the next halving will be at 10 Million “pioneers” which is what you will be when you join. The rate at which you can mine will decrease (possibly to 0) after the halving, but right now the amount of pioneers are still below 2 Million.

    If you had mined Bitcoin back when it was in this stage, you could have obtained a whole bunch of free bitcoin which are worth almost 10,000 USD per 1 bitcoin today. So it’s the same idea here, if Pi’s value goes up you just multiply the number of units you have mined by the market price per unit, 16 pi at 10,000 USD per unit would be 160,000 USD (if it did as well as bitcoin)

    Of course there is no guarantee Pi will do as well as Bitcoin, but it was developed by a small group of 3 who have Stanford PhDs.

    You can’t join the beta without an invitation code, but lucky for you I got one for ya right here:

    [ psy37 ]

    (You can just click on the code)

    Also, after you join you will want to share YOUR invitation code to increase your earnings.

  • Trusted Faucets

    This is a list of all the legitimate working faucets I have discovered and use on a regular basis. I will be adding new ones to the list as I find and verify them. I refer to these as “Trusted Faucets”.


    These are links to micro-wallets which have proprietary faucets attached to them. You can only claim from certain faucets if you have particular wallets and they WILL NOT work with other wallets. You MAY however transfer your coins from these micro-wallets to the wallet of your choice afterwords

    Faucet List

    The faucets listed below all have a built in micro-wallet or can be attached to FaucetPay.

    These links will open in a new tab for your convenience

    (so you can come back to this page without reloading it)


    The Eve faucets only have an option to withdraw, no deposits but they will store your claims until you have enough to withdraw.

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    Some of the “Free” faucets (though not all) have a banking option with a deposit address so that you may use them as a bank if you wish to earn interest, just make sure that you read their terms and understand them before doing so, also be aware of any minimums they require and be familiar with their transfer fees so that you don’t lose coins or get them stuck unintentionally.

    Faucet Apps for Android

    These all have their own individual terms and payout requirements. A Coinbase account is most often specifically required for Android Apps.

  • CoinPot Micro-wallet & Faucets

    All the links on this page open up in a new tab or window

    These faucets require you to have a FREE CoinPot micro-wallet to claim your crypto. You can register at http://coinpot.co/ (or click the button below to open the dashboard)


    Claim every 5 minutes and take advantage of the loyalty, referral and MYSTERY reward bonus’ every time you collect. Log in daily to increase your loyalty bonus.

    Bonus Bitcoin

    Bitcoin Faucet & Survey Opportunities

    You can claim up to 5,000 satoshi every 15 minutes!


    A Reliable bitcoin faucet which allows you to claim every 5 minutes.

    Earn more by completing offers & surveys

  • Bitcoin Mining (Made FUN!)

    For anyone who doesn’t already know, there is a new opportunity for generating passive income that is rapidly emerging which you’ve possibly heard of called “mining” or “bitcoin mining”. Mining is an essential process to all cryptocurrencies, not just bitcoin and has to do with the check and verification procedure for each and every transaction recorded on a blockchain.

    Decentralized cryptocurrencies rely on a peer to peer network (similar to that of ‘BitTorrent’) to check and verify each transaction before it is recorded. This process requires computing power which is referred to as “hash power” and will continue to be necessary for as long as decentralized digital cryptocurrencies remain in circulation as a valid form of payment, so even if no NEW units of cryptocurrency are being mined, all future transactions will still need to be checked and verified before being recorded to the blockchain.

    Also, any new cryptocurrencies likely to emerge in the future will have to be mined before each can be circulated, just like bitcoin is today.

    At first, the only way to become a miner was to own the necessary hardware and to understand the technicalities involved. Now there are other options which are much less technical and much more efficient, thus more realistic for most of us, the easiest one is to simply purchase hash power from a cloud-based service dedicated to this process which in turn helps to pay for their electricity bill, hardware upkeep and all necessary upgrades a mining farm needs to effectively compete in the industry. This is why an investor is entitled to a share of the reward payout each time a block is successfully mined by the network they have invested in. Usually, the more money invested, the more power is allotted to the investor to be contributed to the ‘pool’, which increases their reward opportunity.

    But now, you don’t even need to be an investor!

    and It’s easy to get started...

    So, if you would like to get involved I would have to say that playing around in a good simulation is the most useful learning tool for anyone trying to get a grasp on the concepts of how everything is structured, how the tools function and the way it all works together.

    Your virtual data-center - Welcome home!

    I highly recommend getting a free RollerCoin account which is a simulation, a virtual economy with it’s own digital currency , a mini-arcade and is also an actual cloud-based mining platform (all currently in mid-development) which you will be mining real cryptocurrency (bitcoin, dogecoin and ethereum) from as soon as you acquire your initial hash power by playing a game OR by purchasing a virtual miner.

    Play Games

    You can gain hash power just by playing mini-games which are based on several arcade-style classics you are likely to be familiar with.

    Buy Virtual Miners

    You can also purchase virtual mining hardware to permanently increase your hash rate which gives a boost to your rank and earnings position in the pool.

    Mine your way to the top

    Don’t wait too long to sign up though because now is the best time to get the best offers.

    All virtual hardware is still half-priced and there are several competitions going on to get the word out which are offering bonus rewards that are once in a lifetime-limited opportunities.

    There is absolutely NO RISK (other than those which are typical to investing should you decide to use your own capital). Just try it out by playing a game or 2 and see how it feels to watch your earnings grow

    what do you have to lose?

    play now

    Mini Games

    play now